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Ripple River Woodturning


For over 30 years Bob Carls has created functional and decorative lathe-turned wood vessels using traditional and contemporary woodworking processes, both on and off the lathe.


In his current work he uses lamination and segmenting to take advantage of the graphic qualities of the process and the organic quality of the wood.


Bob Carls brings to his work a lifetime of study in art forms that range from improvisational music to the visual arts, especially photography, sculpture and film.


“My work focuses on function or implied function and draws from my personal experience and value system, striving for continuity, historical context and a high level of workmanship.”


I am inspired by the environment and seasonal changes where we live and work in the woodlands of north central Minnesota. In winter I find inspiration in the stark contrast of the frozen landscape—snow and bare tree branches; in spring, it’s the subtle reemergence of color; in summer by the almost obscene abundance of growth; and in the autumn, it’s the cacophony of color that brings inspiration.


I believe in a commitment to craft and handmade and all the philosophical “baggage” that goes with that—politics, consumerism and environmental stewardship.  I strive to maintain a high level of craftsmanship. I feel fortunate to be able to start, follow through and complete a project. Going to the studio in the morning, putting in a full day, and doing that day after day gives me a great deal of satisfaction.


Turned woods vessels by Bob Carls can be found in the permanent collection of the Minnesota State Historical Society, St. Paul, MN;  as well as corporate and private collections worldwide. He occasionally shows and sells his work at juried arts events, at select fine craft galleries and at Ripple River Gallery.

Give us a call, come by, bring a'll be glad you did!